EMF & Geopathogenic Consulting Introduction

Go Green Solutions offers a consulting service to assess your home sleeping areas for a wide variety of Electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and geopathogenic conditions that can impact the health of you and your family. While excessive microwave radiation exposures from wifi and other wireless devices may seem harmless, our bodies should be clear of these while we sleep. In some cases, magnetic fields from nearby power lines or a nearby electric circuit breaker box can also affect a person’s overall health. Geopathogenic refers to areas of disturbed geopathic zones that can stress human health. 

Building on our experiences with healthy LED lighting that can affect circadian rhythms as well as sensitivity in some individuals to the UV in fluorescent lighting we now offer earth energy analysis for your home. Identifying disturbed electrical fields, magnetic fields, excessive microwave radiation exposures and disturbed energy fields can help to insure a healthy sleep area for you and your family. 

SLEEP ZONES: We sleep for about eight hours in the same spot, or sit at work for eight hours in the same spot, and if that is in what is called a geopathically stressed zone, some health problems may eventually arise because of that. In some areas of Europe it has long been public policy to prohibit the building of residences over water veins, fault zones or areas of strong geophysical disturbance because of the health hazards observed over many centuries in dwellings previously built on such sites. 

 Bachler, Kathe, Earth Radiation, Wordmasters Ltd, 1989 

Example of geopathic zone that can impact the beds where people sleep is shown at the left. 

“In 30 years of practice, I have not come across a patient with cancer or otherwise seriously ill (with the exception of diseases caused by bacteria or virus infections) who has not slept or stayed for long periods on harmful earth radiations.”

Ernst Hartmann, M.D. 

Dieter Aschoff, M.D. told the Puchberg Medical conference that he had achieved astounding results by relocating his patients’ beds. It is his opinion, doctors need no longer be afraid to discuss harmful earth rays with their 

MICROWAVE RADIATION EXPOSURES: Exposure to constant and intermittent microwave radiation from smart phones, commercial radar, office wifi and the like is outside of our control in the external environment. Known benefits from reducing or eliminating those exposures inside our homes and sleeping environments produce known health benefits. Coupled with the addictive nature and negative health consequences of smart phone & screen use pointed out in the following expert statements, choosing to identify ways to quiet your home environment is a prudent choice. 

Please call to schedule a complimentary telephone consultation to discuss your needs and the scope of your building. We provide a variety of shielding material for curtains, walls, blankets and the like at the end of this introduction. 

Synopsis of Interview of Barrie Trower by Sir Julian Rose

5G Gigantic health hazard – Dr. Barrie Trower & Sir Julian Rose

Barrie Trower is a British physicist and former member of the British Navy and Secret Service.
He has opined on the negative health effects of exposure to microwave radiation for several years. His experience working in the British Secret Service exposed him to information from foreign spy’s that had pulsed electromagnetic frequencies that were developed to be used as weapons. Today he states that there are about 750 frequencies that are used both deliberately and accidentally in places that cause various negative health effects. This interview was done for the benefit of Poland which is looking at limiting 5G deployment of cell phone transmitters.
According to Trower, 58% of the planet’s governments are taking avoidance action against this while 42% are not aware of the risks and taking no action. Seventeen countries are currently enacting legislation to restrict the deployment of microwave radiation. The United States is taking no action.
Trower has a document from the communications industry that states that people must be deceived from the negative health effects of 5G to protect industrial output. The global market value of this product market is estimated at $17 trillion. 5G could be deployed through a new fiber optic network as well. The higher of cost of safe fiber optic has been shelved for a number of reasons but primarily because of the loss of profits from this $17 trillion industry. Israel which is where 5G was developed will not allow 5G transmission through it’s airwaves, but rather install safe fiber optic to serve its people.

Other statements made by Trower: 

  • Most provable bad health effects of micro wave exposure were known and forecasted in the 1950’s thru the 1970’s. 
  • In 3 generations only 1 of every 8 children will be born healthy. 
  • Pulsed frequencies create different chemical releases in the brain including pleasure sensation like morphine or cannabis; a chemical addiction. 
  • Children have hijacked the phones. They become addicted very quickly. 
  • Women have 13 different frequencies that are disrupted by wifi & cell phone signals 
  • Trees & Bees have reduced life force from microwave radiation. 
  • Birds cannot navigate with most microwave radiation. 
  • Group of pregnant nurses working in wifi hospital had 47.7% miscarriages in 7th week of first trimester. 
  • One African King has calculated that due to expected wifi/cell phone exposures, his country will cease to be economically viable in 50-60 years. 
  • 5G has option to use up to 78gigahertz band which is very close to 90gigahertz military weapon called “The Growler” that incapacitates people in under 60 seconds. 
  • Planned deployment of 20,000 low orbit satellites to support 250,000 5G transmitters 
  • Ground mounted 5G transmitters will be every approximately 850’ apart 
  • After 20 years all California firefighters are exhibiting neurological damage 
  • Military personnel are not warned of dangers from exposure to microwave radiation 

Trower’s Remedies & concerns: 

  • Goal should be to remove microwave radiation out of the air 
  • Governments are ill equipped to challenge well financed cell companies 
  • Move to fiber optic ether net data connectivity first, then to high speed light transmission systems 
  • Use phones as phones only at older safer frequencies (below 8ghz) 
  • Establish ‘white zones’ that are wifi/rf free 
  • Some countries are already operating clinics to detoxify children 
  • The spiritual dimension of humans connects thru light, not microwaves 

Commentary & Recommendations: 

While the rapid adoption of wireless devices by the US population has provided benefits, the long term risks to exposure are only now beginning to be understood. People respond differently to the varied doses of microwave radiation exposure that they are receiving. The incremental diminishing of people’s immune systems and general overall health are well documented. Additionally as a part of the nation’s military defense sector, information about how these pulsed microwave radiated frequencies have been militarized is considered a strategic national secret. Trower goes on to say that the military sectors know which frequencies cause negative health consequences like cancer, physical impairment, etc. Some of these frequencies are being unknowingly used in wifi and cellular phone transmissions at low power levels. The frequencies are still lethal but exposure is extended to a longer period of time due to the lower power levels. 

Go Green & consensus precautions: Limit your exposure to wifi & cell phones. 

1. Have your sleep areas tested by an EMF consultant or purchase a Microwave meter to test yourself. 

2. Eliminate all microwave radiation during your sleep cycle. Turn off your hand held device or put it in airplane mode to disable the transmitter and turn off any wifi. 

3. If you have a smart meter installed on your home, contact your electricity provider to have it replaced with a non-microwave radiation electric meter. 

4. Utilize a shielded pouch for your cell phone during use 

5. Keep your active cell phone away from your body by using a wired ear piece or on speaker phone.  

6. Never store your active cell phone near your reproductive organs or in your brassiere. 

7. Limit the hours daily that your phone is on. Cell phones are constantly emitting microwave radiation that diminishes the normal electro-magnetic function of the cells in our body. 

8. Identify if you have a physical addiction to your device by observing your mood and thought process when your phone is turned off. 

Legislative Update: The wireless industry tried to have legislation passed state wide to allow expansion of so called “small cell networks” to support 5G deployment. California SB649 last year was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown. SB 649 would have stripped local cities and counties from regulating cell phone tower jurisdiction and transferred it to the state. Once the densification of transmitters every 850 feet in every neighborhood are installed, the only options for people who become electro-sensitive will be to move away to regain their health. 

Summary: Clearly, much of our youth has been mal-effected by excessive exposure to wireless devices and screen time as this technology has matured. No one in the public sector really knew about the risks. Most at risk are the folks who live in a home that has external sources of excessive EMF transmissions (pollution) that they cannot control and in most cases have no way of determining if exists before they manifest health problems. While there is no US federal standard low enough to protect everyone, our research has found that: 

1) EMF exposure is cumulative. Long term exposure diminishes the body’s healthy cellular activity. 

2) Exposures that average 500 micro watts/square meter (500 uW/m2) for an average 8 hour work day or 8 hour sleep cycle will affect most healthy people with negative health consequences.  

Solutions: If you desire to reduce your exposure after measuring, Go Green Solutions can provide and/or refer you to some of the following products: 

Acousticom 2 meter
Leblok Wall shielded material
Swiss Shield Curtain Material
Zippered Jacket
Shielded Cap
Shielded Bed Canopy

To purchase any of these items, please e-mail: William@GoGreenSolutions or visit 


Synopsis of Program @ Commonwealth Club, San Francisco 12/3/19

“Humanity at a Crossroads: New Insights into Technology Risks for Humans and the Planet”

Introduction: There is a natural harmony in Nature that humankind has lived within for hundreds of millions of years. Circadian rhythms are embedded in the genomes of almost all life forms. The consumer tech and telecommunications sectors are increasingly disconnecting us from those natural, well-balanced rhythms, in obvious, as well as some little known, but critically important, ways. The program presented the biological and health effects of both natural electromagnetic waves innate to the body, and man-made electromagnetic waves from wireless technologies, including concerns over the coming 4G/5G ‘antenna densification’. It will also include the mental health and relational impacts of tech overuse and addiction. Importantly, new scientific understanding will be shared about what is driving the biological effects, which relates to our body being mostly comprised of water. 99% of our biomolecules are water (60-70% by weight). It is known that stable, coherent molecular fields create harmonic, healthy, high vitality systems.

New research by a European team, including a former Telecom Industry Director of Research & Development, shows how electromagnetic fields, such as from cell phones and antenna infrastructure, have instant influence on all of our biological system upon exposure, destroying the coherence of water molecules throughout our bodies. This then impairs the ability to auto-regulate, or maintain homeostasis, with profound downstream physical and mental health effects. 

The cascade of effects related to chaotic molecular fields include: negative impacts on brain function, attention, memory, learning capacity, moods, intelligence, the ability to feel connected to the ‘bigger whole’, or the quantum field, and much more. The insights from this research reveal an entirely new, previously unknown mechanism of action whereby water is playing an important role in the means by which Radio frequency Radiation emitted by wireless technologies (as well as other pollutants) changes biology, with system-wide effects. The emerging understanding of the changeable nature of water also instructs on how coherence in chaotic water molecules can be naturally restored, including potentially in cases of polluted bodies of water, and in soil and groundwater systems damaged by fertilizers and pesticides. Three expert summaries are as follows:
1) Karl Maret, M.D., M.Eng., Researcher in Electromagnetic Fields 

CV: Dr. Karl Maret is President of Dove Health Alliance, a non-profit foundation in Aptos, CA, and Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy in Washington, D.C. He holds an M.D. degree, a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and in addition, earlier in his career he worked in electromagnetic field (EMF) research for the Canadian military. Dr. Maret’s technical and medical qualifications make him uniquely capable of addressing both present-day concerns about the biological and health effects of electromagnetic fields, as well as questions about the new, more complex aspects of next generation 4G and 5G technologies. He educates physicians on the biological impacts of communication technologies, such as cell phones, wireless electronics, ‘smart’ meters and antenna infrastructure; on ways patients can optimize resilience; and on approaches to remediation. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Building Biology Institute, a training institute for architects, engineers, health practitioners and environmental consultants that addresses the vital and complex interrelationship between the natural and built environments. In addition to expertise in electromagnetic fields, Dr. Maret is also expert in numerous emerging disciplines within Energy Medicine, such as frontier healing modalities using sound and light. He has presented at many international conferences on these topics, including giving annual presentations for over a decade at the German Society for Energy and Informational Medicine. 

Dr. Maret, MD Major Points: 

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield reports that American youths after 27 are experiencing health decline & higher rates of heart disease and nervous disorders than previously 
  • Gunnar Heuser of UCLA studied LA Fireman exposure to EMF at stations was unhealthy 
  • World Health Organization rates EMF exposure as a 2B carcinogen 
  • Neurological diseases have tripled in people over 75 years of age 
  • US Navy has known since 1971 that micro-wave exposure has negative health effects 
  • On-line use now averages 5hrs/day which equals 4 months of waking hours 
  • 5G systems will have side lobes which will affect non-users when close to cell phone users 
  • 5G currently deployed in 3-8% of Europe & California 
  • D. Belpomme (France) reported increased inflammation & high histamine from EMF exposures 

2) Nicholas Kardaras, PhD, CEO, Omega Recovery (Austin) & Maui Recovery (Hawaii) CV: Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, PhD is an internationally renowned expert in addiction, mental health and impacts of the digital age. He is author of the best-selling book, Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids—and How to Break the Trance, the seminal book on the clinical, neurological and sociological impacts of Tech Addiction, now available in 10 languages. Dr. Kardaras has clinically worked with over 2,000 teens and young people over the past 20 years, has been active in advocating that screen addiction be recognized as a clinical disorder akin to substance addiction, and has developed the most comprehensive treatment protocols to treat this emerging global epidemic. Dr. Kardaras is also the author of “How Plato and Pythagoras Can Save Your Life” (Conari, 2011). He has devoted his life to helping others find their path to recovery, healing and a life of meaning and purpose. A former Clinical Professor at Stony Brook Medicine, where he specialized in teaching the neurophysiology, psychopathology and the treatment of addiction, Dr. Kardaras has also taught neuropsychology as well as philosophy at the doctoral-level and has worked closely in developing clinical protocols with Dr. Howard Shaffer, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and the Director of their Division of Addiction. Today, Dr. Kardaras is increasingly focused on technology’s impacts on humanity as a whole, including under-recognized biological, psychological, emotional and developmental effects. 

Dr. Kardaras Major Points: 

  • Henry David Thoreau; “We’ve become the tool of our tools” 
  • Screen devices use three basic human needs to get users addicted; 1) Need for connection with others, 2) Desire for knowledge-curiosity, 3) Desire to participate in “Hero’s Journey” 
  • There’s a new fear/psychosis; “Nomophobia”: Oh no, I don’t have my phone! 
  • Dopamine release of this feel good neurotransmitter; smart phone & video games provide 100% as much as a sexual orgasm. Food consumption provides only 50% of sexual orgasm and cocaine provides 350% of sexual orgasm. 
  • Military burn victims experience no pain when watching Disney virtual reality Snow World game compared to some pain when administered morphine. 
  • Screen time kills love of reading 
  • One million Americans now live in a virtual reality. 
  • Video games are engineered to raise player’s blood pressure. 10% of US population is pre-disposed to addictions. 
  • Former Facebook Executive Sean Parker said on 11/9/17, “We’ve created a monster” 
  • People from 18-34 years of age have seen a 35% increase in suicides in the last 10 years. 
  • We’ve outsourced memory to smartphones, reducing brain development in hypothalamus. Studies of UK Cab Drivers which requires extensive memory retention, shows larger developed hypothalamus. 

More information is available from the program organizer: Camilla Rees, MBA 

Senior Policy Advisor, National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy, Washington, D.C. 

www.ElectromagneticHealth.org          [email protected]