Whitehaven Farm

EMF free ‘White Zone’ Rooms and Cabins

EMF Nuts & Bolt Facts 

Most people have no problem with exposure to smart phones, I-Pads and other devices,…but;

Over the past forty plus years a number of studies have been performed showing that long term exposure to magnetic fields over 3 millegauss (mg) and smart phones close to the body cause impaired health and cellular activity. Some people have developed a hyper sensitivity to Wifi in commercial areas and self identify as Electro-sensitive’s. Long term exposure seems to be cumulative for some people. That is, after using wireless devices for a number of years, some people develop pain in their hands or exhibit other diminished health effects.

The Federal Communications Commission does not recognize any health effects from micro-wave radiation exposures below the thermal limit of 580,000,000 micro-watts/square meter. This is the power density level of a micro-wave oven. The United States/Canadian upper level that has been established for public exposure is 5,800,000 uW/m2. China, Russia & Switzerland have established an upper limit of 58,000 uW/m2, or 100 times less than our limit in the U.S. 

Micro-Wave Exposure Levels affect everyone differently and are constantly changing in urban and higher density environments. It is impossible to determine if a persons exposure to EMF’s is the sole cause of that person to become ill with any specific illness. Therefore, our recommendation is that everyone insure that their sleep area be free from all EMF’s, especially the micro-wave radiation from wireless devices. This can easily be accomplished by turning off the devices or in the case of a smart phone, putting the device into ‘Airplane mode’ which turns off the transmitter.

White Haven farm has no significant microwave radiation exposure allowing people to heal.

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