Go Green Solutions: Fixture X Order List 2/14/2020

Go Green Prismatite LED Fixture X; 1.0 tunnel fixture has been discontinued.

Parts and repair only (please inquire)

Currently available:

1) Go Green Tunnel Fixture X; Rev. 1.5.

(LA Lighting, made in California.)


A locally manufactured replacement Tunnel Fixture marked

Rev. 1.5 is now available for replacement of original fixtures.

Rev. 1.5 utilizes the same LED tubes and mounting points.

Wire entry points are on both ends with 3/4” knockouts.

2) Go Green Tunnel Fixture X; Rev. 2.0.

(4’ EMX Holophane 4000K, Made in USA.)

Go Green Fixture X Rev; 2.0.- (4’ EMX Holophane 4000K) Availability 2/29/2020 (Includes stainless brackets, duel drivers & fuses, quick-connects, frosted PC lens) Estimated useful life 10 to 20 years.


All Go Green Tunnel fixtures carry a Ten (10) Year Warranty to L70.