Whitehaven Farm

EMF ‘White Zone’

 Welcome to a place without EMF pollution 

Please consider being our guest at Whitehaven Farm when you visit the Big Island of Hawaii. The natural healing earth energies of the Island of Hawaii have allowed us to create a vacation retreat that is free from unhealthy levels of disturbed energy fields which is what we call a “White Zone”. Whitehaven is also free from unhealthy levels of micro-wave radio frequencies from cellular phones and Wifi transmitters. 

Overview:  Whitehaven Farm offers six bedrooms for stays from 3 days up to monthly terms. All bedrooms are constructed to have less than 1 micro-watt/square meter of microwave radiation. There is no Wi-Fi since wired ethernet is available throughout the property. The Farm Headquarters offers three upstairs bedrooms with private bathroom and a Yoga/Pilates Studio. The Cabin Trio has three separate cabins and includes a shared kitchen/bathroom/lanai. The Farm Headquarters has a certified commercial kitchen for large groups or “Pop Up” dinners.


Our Guarantee: We guarantee that all sleeping areas will be free of disturbed earth energy fields, electrical fields and magnetic fields. We also guarantee that all sleeping areas will average below 1.8 uW/m2 (microwatts per square meter). Our average readings are below .4 uW/m2 which is well below the international standard established in the Bioiniative Report 2012 of 3.68 uW/m2. Your cell phones work well here and your room is equipped with an Ethernet modem.

Farm Headquarters: The Farm Headquarters building offers three upstairs bedrooms with ocean views, queen size beds and wired internet. The farm commercial kitchen is available as well for hourly or daily rental to prepare food under approval of the Hawaii Health Department. Additionally, the facility has been hosting ‘Pop-Up’ gourmet dinners with Local Hilo Chef Brian Hirata through his website; www.naauhilo.com. Please inquire for weddings or larger gatherings.


Cabin Trio compound: The upper compound of three separate cabins (240 sq/ft each) offer ocean views, queen size beds, sleeper couch and wired internet. The compound is self contained with a complete kitchen with laundry, bathroom with shower, lanai and two additional outdoor showers. Please inquire for individual or group rates.

28-3311 Beach Road| Pepeekeo, Hawaii | Phone: (808) 964-8686