Green Party Candidate

William ” Gunner ” Meurer

Running for Congress 30th District

Welcome to my candidate information page.

I am running to serve for two years as your representative to the US Congress in the 30th district (See Map). I have lived for the last 45 years in many of the communities that make up our district which are: the cities of Glendale, Burbank, West Hollywood, Western Pasadena, Universal City, and communities of Atwater Village, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Hancock Park, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, La Crescenta, Little Armenia, Los Feliz, Montrose, North Hollywood, Park La Brea, Shadow Hills, Silver Lake, Sunland, Thai Town, Toluca Lake, Tujunga, and Verdugo City.

As a lifelong member of Green Party I am passonate about contributing to a livable world. I Studied under Environmentalist Barry Commoner at Washington University in St. Louis. Missouri and became an environmentalist. Here is my story:

In 1976 I started working in Hollywood as a studio electrician, then gaffer and finally as a cinematographer. During my career in the motion picture industry from 1977-2021, I created Gunner Lighting Rentals to supply equipment to filmmakers. In 1998, I merged Gunner Lighting into Birns & Sawyer, Hollywood’s original equipment supplier. As a member of NABET Local 531, Association of Film Craftsman in Hollywood, I served on the executive board in the early 1980’s as secretary and as it’s president. I learned the importance of collaborating and working cooperatively to improve working conditions for our filmmaker members.     

In 1993, I started Green Motorworks in North Hollywood to develop Electric Cars to help reduce global warming. My team converted gas cars to electric and imported small neighborhood cars from Denmark and Norway for test programs. I rented an electric car to Actor Tom Cruise among other environmentally concerned filmmakers like Ed Begley, Jr.      

In 2008, I started Go Green Solutions with Partner Richard King in Pasadena. Mr. King and I both wanted to work in a business that “improved the quality of life on the planet”. We both saw that our community here in Southern California was declining. We determined that the best thing we could do was to develop a low energy LED replacement tube for the billions of fluorescent tubes in our country. We worked with the US Department of Energy, US LED manufacturers and engineers from Caltech to design and build our own LED retrofit tube. In 2009, we received the first safety certification in the world from Underwriters Laboratory for a replacement LED tube for fluorescents. Our local electric Utility company in Pasadena help us get started by contributing funds to help local businesses afford our start up product. We have since replaced hundreds of fluorescent tubes for local businesses saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity charges.

Los Angeles Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa’s office introduced us to the LA Metro engineering team in 2011. We worked with LA Metro to custom design a 4’ LED retrofit tube for the fourteen mile tunnel red line from downtown Los Angeles to North Hollywood. We won a competitive international bid and manufactured over 16,000 LED tubes starting in 2012. We gave LA Metro the first 10 year (100,000 hour) warranty in the world. LA Metro estimated that they will save about $50million over 30 years with our product. While my Partner Mr. King has passed away, I still consult with LA etro for their emergency tunnel lighting needs.

Through our experiences with LED lighting, many of the engineers and University scientists informed us of the health effects of different frequency & colored lighting. This led to other people self-identifying as becoming ill from long term exposures to microwave radiation from cell phones, smart meters and in some cases high wi-fi transmitters. I have been informing our Pasadena City Council and Health Department about the need to alert people about reasonable precautions with these devices since 2018. Once the pandemic emerged, nothing else gets looked at.

As a descendent of European Settlers, I am saddened by the sins of the past that displaced the people who lived in this country. It is time that we come to work together to live in harmony by acknowledging that all native-born citizens deserve support from our combined resources to live in dignity and make contributions to our communities as is appropriate for them. I propose to bring in our young people to my office, if elected, to help develop healing solutions for our communities that are suffering from job loss, unaffordable housing and mental illness.

We are going through challenging times with far reaching breakdowns in clean water; bees, birds & insects; chemicals in our skies and foods and galloping inflation. Only the Green Party is centered on protecting our natural environment and re-aligning the role of government to form a more perfect Union for everyone. 

The Green Party is founded on these Basic Ten Principles:   

1.Non-Violence          2. Respect Diversity         3. Gender Equality

4. Grassroot Democracy         5. Decentralization           6. Local Economics

7. Equal Opportunity        8. Ecological Wisdom          9.Personal Responsibility

      10. A Sustainable Future for Our Children

I am Sorry, Please forgive me, I Love You. Go in Peace.


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